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Victim Resources


The Clearfield County District Attorney's office has a position known as the Early Outreach Victim Advocate or Victim/Witness Advocate The purpose of this advocate is to as quickly as possible establish contact with and serve the needs of victims who are involved in violent offenses. The advocate would be involved with the victim up to the filing of formal criminal charges at which time the District Attorney's Victim/Witness Advocate would take over.

Victims’ Rights and Services Information
Victim's Rights Book
For Rights as a Victim, Information regarding Domestic Violence, How to Obtain a Protection from Abuse (PFA), Sexual Assault Services, Victim Witness Assistance, Victim’s Compensation, Drunk Driving Services, Child Abuse, Elders Abuse. Victims’ Rights and Services: Click here

Click here

Domestic Violence/ Cross Roads Project:
Click here
Or call: 1800-598-3998 or 814-768-7200

Mental Health/Crisis
Clearfield or Jefferson County:
Call the County Crisis Hotline
24hrs/day 7days/wk

Drugs and Alcohol

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging
Sometimes older persons neglect their own care or they are so forgetful that their nutritional and medical needs become great. Other times, older persons are neglected or abused by others or they are taken advantage of financially.

For guidance and assistance call 24 hours a day at 1-800-233-0249.
All calls are kept confidential in accordance with the law.

Due to the confidential and urgent nature of these situations please refrain from the use of email for reporting cases of abuse. Instead, please use the phone number provided above that is always available.

Our purpose is to protect older adults and persons with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by investigating and providing or arranging services necessary to alleviate or prevent further abuse.

Handling of Bad Check/Theft By Deception Incidents

Reference is made to Section 3922, Theft by Deception, and Section 4105, Bad Checks, and defined in the Crimes Code of Pennsylvania. Time limits for reporting both closed account and NSF bad check cases must be received by Sandy Township Police Department within four (4) months of date of issuance to be eligible for follow-up investigation. This requirement may be waived in exceptional cases by the financial crimes detective or a supervisor. The Department's policy for handling check cases is as follows:
  • Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Checks over $200
    • Misdemeanor bad checks - Section 4105 offense and will be handled by Sandy Township Police Department.
    • Victim must first send certified letter to check writer.
  • NSF Checks under $200
    • This is a summary offense unless the offense is third or subsequent offense within a five year period (Crimes Code section 4105).
    • Victim must first send a certified letter to the check writer.
    • If letter has been sent and no response received, victim should be advised by officer to file private complaint at the appropriate Magisterial District Judge.
    • Victim may already have contacted the Magisterial District Judge and may be in possession of a letter indicating that the check-writer has two prior convictions. If so, this offense should be investigated by Sandy Township Police Department.
  • Account closed checks - Theft by Deception
    • This is a misdemeanor Theft by Deception -Section 3922 offense and will be handled by Sandy Township Police Department regardless of the amount of the check.
    • Victim must still send a certified letter to check writer requesting payment.