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Interships and Ride Alongs

Ride Along

This program was developed to assist University and High School students with various school/college sanctioned research projects. Other citizens of the region may also participate in this program. Generally, persons participating in this program should be 16 years of age or older.

Participants may ride a maximum of six hours, Monday through Thursday starting at 0630 hours, and no later than 2130 hours. This, of course, is at the convenience of the Department and policing needs and demands. In any event, not more than two riders will be scheduled in one day. Any exceptions to the above procedure must be approved by the duty supervisor or higher ranking officer.


A waiver must be signed in person at the Sandy Township Police Department. All Department waiver forms must be initialed by the witnessing officer or Department employee. If under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign in person. All riders should call prior to riding to ensure space is available on desired day. When they come in to ride they should ask for the Shift Supervisor.

This is a one time opportunity, unless prior approval has been granted by a Supervisor. Any questions or to arrange for the ride-along program, should be directed to the Chief of Police.

All ride-along candidates shall be screened by the Chief of Police or his/her designee. The following checks shall be made: N.C.I.C., CLEAN, and CRIMES (local) unless otherwise directed by the OIC.

Student Intern Program

The Chief of Police will be responsible for the student intern placement program. Up to two intern students will be accepted during summer. One student may be accepted for placement during spring and fall semester with the approval of the Chief of Police.


Students interested in doing an internship at Sandy Township Police Department shall submit the following to the Chief of Police:
  1. A letter specifying the requested dates of the placement, the reason for wanting to do the internship at Sandy Township Police, and his/her career plans.
  2. A transcript from each college attended.
  3. A resume listing past and present employment and references.
    • The Chief of Police will interview each student applicant.
  4. The candidate must submit and pass a background inquiry that will include but not be limited to a criminal history check including driving history, and CLEAN/NCIC. The inquiry shall be conducted by a STPD officer and, approved by the Administrative Division Commander.
    • The Chief of Police may approve or dis-approve each intern.
Orientation of intern students will include:
  1. Tour of facilities and introductions.
  2. Policy on absolute confidentiality of all information gained during internship.
  3. Students may use refrigerator, microwave, etc., guest restrooms, hall coat rack.
  4. Students may work on projects at the volunteer/intern workstation or other designated work areas; however, students are prohibited from the employee locker rooms and all other private work areas.
  5. Dress Code: Students are required to wear neat casual clothes (no torn clothing, work pants, or blue jeans) for patrol and office work. When assigned to the Investigations Section or attending court, a male student will wear a business suit with dress shirt and tie or sports coat and dress shirt and tie; females will wear appropriate clothing which parallels these requirements.
  6. Students are required to sign a waiver of liability before the end of the first day of the placement.

Students will report to their assignments 15 minutes before the beginning of the shift or briefing. They will notify the supervisor of any research work requiring specific assignment. The supervisor will have discretion in assigning students. Students may be permitted to sit in on briefings and ride-along with any officer or supervisor , as determined by the OIC.

Students will follow directions of the officer/employees they are assigned to work with. While on patrol students are not permitted to take any action unless their life or safety or the life or safety of another person is in jeopardy. Officers may drop off a student before proceeding to an incident which, in the officer's or supervisor's opinion, might put the safety of the student at risk.

Department Programs, Policies, and Procedures


Generally student placements will last twelve weeks. Assignments can include administration/special services, patrol investigations, records, communications, community relations, and traffic/warrants.

If there is no activity appropriate for a student in the scheduled assignment during regular officer's hours, the student will report to the Director of Grants & Planning for additional assignments. After office hours, the student should report to the supervisor for reassignment or dismissal.

Reporting Absence - If a student is unable to report for a scheduled assignment, the student is to call the supervisor to whom he/she was scheduled to report and inform the supervisor. The student must also notify the Chief of Police.