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The basic mission of the Patrol Section is:
  1. To be responsive to the Community's concerns.
  2. The prevention of crime by identifying and eliminating "root causes" of criminal activity/ongoing nuisances.
  3. To develop partnerships with the Community to resolve concerns.
  4. The protection of life and property to all persons.
  5. To maintain order in the neighborhoods and business areas.
  6. Appropriate enforcement of laws and ordinances.
  7. The detection, apprehension and arrest of violators of the law.
The Patrol Officers are further charged with responding to, investigating, and if possible, prosecuting known violations of local ordinances and state statutes such as the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Vehicle Code.


The Sandy Township Police Department patrol area consists of five patrol zones.
  • Zone 1 - West Sandy ( Includes West Liberty area)
  • Zone 2 - Oklahoma (DuBois Mall, Retail District)
  • Zone 3 - Adrian (Falls Creek, Clear Run, Singing Hills)
  • Zone 4- Sabula
  • Zone 5- Treasure Lake